“There is a domestic violence victim in this courtroom, and it is not to be missed

Johnny Depp’s attorney began his concluding argument by telling the jury that it was not the actor, but Amber Hard, who had been the victim of “endless verbal, emotional and physical abuse.”

Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, told the jury, “There’s been a case of domestic violence in this court, and it’s not Miss Hard.”

Vasquez noted that after an argument at the center of the Penthouse in Los Angeles on Friday, it has been six years since he went to hard court to seek an injunction against domestic violence.

But Vasquez called the court scene “a set-up” and claimed that Hard had arranged press coverage to ensure photographers were present to take shots of his wounded face. He claims that Depp hit him with a phone. But Vasquez suggested that Hard staged his injuries and that “the world only saw what he wanted them to see.”

“Exactly six years later, we ask you to give Mr. Depp his life back,” Vasquez said.

When Hard filed for divorce six years ago the same month, Vasquez said he didn’t just want to end their marriage, “he wanted to ruin her.”

Vasquez replayed Hard’s audio clips during an argument with Depp, where she smiled hard and apparently teased her husband.

Vasquez said it was “Miss Hard that repeatedly confesses to the violence,” referring to an audio recording where Hard spoke of hitting Depp. In contrast, Vasquez said Depp never confessed to any physical violence against Hard.

Depp sued Hard in the Washington Post for $ 50 million in December 2018, in which he wrote that “two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic violence and I felt the full force of our culture’s rage against women. Talk.” Heard has filed a counter-suit for 100 million, alleging he abused her.

Before the oral argument began, Judge Penny Azcaret instructed the jury on the process of reaching a verdict, reflecting the high penalty that each party has to prove their case. In Depp’s case, the jury must consider the three statements heard in the Washington Post operating system and whether each of the seven elements has been substantiated in each instance. This includes whether the statements refer to Depp, whether they are defamatory, whether they are false, and whether they show genuine hatred.

Herd has faced an understanding of similar evidence, and the jury must decide whether its attorneys have proved five different elements. They will consider three separate statements, including one by Adam Waldman, claiming that Hard’s abuse claims are a hoax. They also need to determine if Waldman was acting as Depp’s agent.

Vasquez cast Hard as the manipulator and testified to the actress’ mental state.

Vasquez even suggested that while Hard was in the witness position, he copied some of his most emotional moments, claiming that there were no tears when the actress was crying. Vasquez cited the testimony of an acting coach who said that it was difficult for Hard to fake such a Phil Outburst.

“It was a performance,” Vasquez said of Hard’s testimony.

More to come.

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