“This is not a movie about the plight of women in Iran,” said the Holy Spider filmmaker.

“We did not make the film to promote the status of women in Iran, we did not make the film to work for activists,” said Ali Abbasi, a Swedish-Iranian filmmaker, surprised by the title of his latest competition, the Cannes Film Festival. Holy spider At the photo press conference this morning.

Ironically, at the world premiere of the film last night, a protest spread on the red carpet of the palace, consisting of black-clad women, who dropped grenades and flew a banner in France bearing the names of women killed by men. Incidents of domestic violence. A spokesperson for the documentary Feminist response Claims credit for the protests, surrounding that picture French feminist collage who condemns homicide.

Holy spider Saeed is followed by a serial killer, a humble husband and a friendly father in the house. However, when they go out of town once a week, he sets out to free the holy city of Mashhad in Iran from prostitutes. 200 people were killed in his mission. A brave, driven young female reporter (Tsar Amir-Ibrahimi) has her tail to catch him. In the early 2000’s, there was a serial killer in Mashhad who killed 16 street prostitutes. The police conspired to help him escape and he gathered a follower of the devotees, because he was doing the work of God.

Deadline Critic calls Stephanie Bunbury Holy spider A crime thriller “Curse without lightning”, which “shines and shines in anger.”

Needless to say, I don’t know what the real story of these women is, “said the filmmaker, referring to the actual victim of the murder,” again, this is not a film about the plight of Iranian women. “

“The real story is they are human. The fact is that they were in extreme poverty. The fact is that they were married when they were 14, had two children at 23, worked in the street and lost their teeth at age 35, “he added.

“I’m not a big fan of serial killers. Serial Killer is not a fan of movies and is not interested in solving crimes. There have been murders; I was following them like anyone else. Where it became something else and became interesting to me, a certain section of Iranian society and the press and the authorities began to speak of this man as a kind of selfless hero who sacrificed himself for the good of his society, “Abbasi said. This morning.

“It’s not a serial killer movie, it’s about a serial killer society,” Abbasi insisted.

“It’s not an anti-government film in Iran,” the filmmaker said.

He added, “It all happened in a religious city.

As Andreas Weizmann told you first at the film’s premiere yesterday, the US rights to the serial killer thriller are tied to the utopia of Robert Schwartzman and Cole Harper.

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