This is the first time Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend has come out after his death

Cristiano Ronaldo For the first time since the death of a newborn boy, his girlfriend has come out. Model Georgina Rodriguez Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo made his first public appearance at the Cannes Elvis movie premiere after the death of his newborn son. Pictures of the star have been published in Global Look Press Photo Bank.
Georgina Rodriguez attends the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

The model came to the premiere of a biopic about Elvis Presley with Austin Butler in the title role. To go out, Cristiano Ronaldo’s daughter chose a silver dress with a submerged neckline and a high slit, which she complemented with stiletto sandals as well as a bracelet with earrings and emeralds.

Note that the model first appeared on the red carpet after the family tragedy. Rodriguez was pregnant with twins by Ronaldo. However, late last month, on April 19, the footballer announced that one of the twins had died during childbirth. “It is with deep sorrow that we must announce that our baby has died. It is the greatest pain of any parent. Only the birth of our baby daughter gives us this moment to live with some hope and happiness. We are devastated by this loss,” he said. Wrote on social media.

Earlier, it was reported that Megan Fox had a complication due to her small head size. Actress Megan Fox says she doesn’t comb her hair because of the size of her head. The American version of Cosmopolitan reported this.

The actress wrote on social media, “I never pulled my hair because my head is the size of Adam’s. But it happened and I’m fine,” wrote on social media. Along with the text, he published several pictures so that his hair was gathered into a bun.

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