Tim Roth replaces Ian McShane in ‘Last King of the Cross’ – Deadline

Tim Roth (Hateful eight, lie to me) Replaces Ian McShane in Paramount + ‘s busy Australian drama series The last king of the cross.

After Maxine withdrew due to health concerns, Roth played the role of the opposition Ezra Shipman in the Helium Pictures-produced series Crime Drama.

Maxhen was originally cast as Shipman in late March. She is ready to reprise her role opposite Keanu Reeves John Wick: Chapter 4. The deadline has reached its representatives.

Mark Fennessey, the show’s producer / executive producer and founder of Helium, said: “It’s unfortunate that Ian is unable to join us and we wish him a speedy recovery. We’re really happy that Super Brilliant Tim Roth has joined our cast as Ezra and can’t wait to see him die in another memorable role. “

Inspired by John Abraham’s best-selling autobiography, ten parts The last king of the cross Abraham and his brother Sam are billed as “an operative story of two brothers” who follow the road but lose each other in the process of ascending to power. The elevated series traces John Abraham’s education, money, and prospects from a poverty-stricken immigrant to the rise of Australia’s most infamous nightclub, Sydney’s Kings Cross – a mini-Atlantic city, barely half a mile long. Criminal acts on offer. “

The Shipman character is billed as a “powered and multi-celebrated” underworld boss at Kings Cross. According to the producers, “For three generations Ezra has been the strongest and most feared man in Sydney, but now he is facing his growing death. For all his strength and material success, and for what he has had to do to maintain it, there is no one to carry on his legacy. Enter John Abraham. “

Produces Helium, affiliated with Cinephlex Rights as an international distributor. Filming is currently underway in and around Sydney with Lincoln Younes (Grand Hotel, Tangle, Baron) John Ibrahim is playing the lead role.

More cast included Kalan Mulve (300: Rise of an Empire, Illegal kingTess Haubrich (Spiderhead, Alien: AgreementClaude Jabbur (Eden, Stateless), Maria Tran (Tracing Sat, Echo 8), Matt Nebel (Riddik, BK Wars: Brothers in Arms), Damien Walshe-Howling (Underbelly, Janet King).

Roth was represented by CAA, Jackway Tyrman Wartheimer and Markham, Froggat and Irwin.

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