Tina Kunaki and Vincent Castle won the Cannes Film Festival

Tina Kunaki and Vincent Castle won the Cannes Film Festival
Vincent Castle and Tina Kunaki must have loved the ear. This spectacular couple collects a string of photographers wherever seen. And the 75th Cannes Film Festival was no exception. Despite not appearing at any of the iconic premieres this year, Castle is widely regarded as one of the most beloved actors by the French public. So, Vincent did not sit at home but attended the most secular festival with his young wife.

With Tina Kunaki, the actor first walked with the croissant in a pair of safari-style and then set foot on the red carpet. Vincent wore a classic suit, a white shirt and a silver tie. The model was clearly responsible for the beauty of this tandem, who chose a Valentino dress in the shade of a fresh grass with an elegant train that perfectly set her skin tone.

Kunaki completes her look with high white retro gloves and long diamond earrings. She pulled her hair into a neat braid, emphasizing only the shattered features of her face.
Tina has styled her dark colored traces in a glamorous style while showcasing her beauty after a glossy palette of make-up.

French actor Vincent looked so elegant in a black suit that he added a crisp white shirt to his black outfit and opted for a knitted cream tie. The couple could not shake hands to take pictures.

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