Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Song: Maverick’ takes a five-minute standing ovation

Tom Cruise Its ‘Top Song: Maverick’ takes a five minute standing ovation in the ear
Before the final scene at the Top Song: Maverick Cannes premiere on Wednesday night, festival-goers made it clear that they thought Tom Cruise was great. The actor received a standing ovation after receiving the “Wonder” Palme d’Or award, which really surprised him. And he gets one more compliment after he makes some energetic opening remarks.

At that moment, eight fighter planes flew over the coast, drawing the sky in red, white and blue, symbolizing the colors of the French and American flags. It was the culmination of a day dedicated to the glory of Tom Cruise.

It is noteworthy that both Tom himself and the audience have been waiting a long time for this holiday. Top Song: Maverick was slated to debut in 2019. But first, Cruz wanted to work hard on the special effects and move the premiere to 2020, and then the epidemic hit, which thwarted many companies’ plans.
“It’s an incredible evening and an incredible time just to see everyone’s face,” Cruz told Kane.

“It’s been 36 years since the first top song, and we’ve had to wait years for it because of the epidemic.” Cruz then called the cast,
The audience cheered and applauded during the performance. And when Val Kilmer, who played Cruise’s Nemesis Iceman in the film, appeared on stage with Tom, it was a five-minute standing ovation.

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