Tommy Hilfiger has announced a global partnership with Shawn Mendes

Music and fashion come together to save our planet. So, the Tommy Hilfiger brand is forming a partnership with a Canadian musician Shawn Mendes . As a result, the Global Summer Collection 2022 will not only be a breakthrough in the fashion world but will also be woven from durable materials. During her high-profile Wonder: The World tour, the famous musician will appear in front of the audience in a Tommy-made outfit to order for her. In addition, large-scale performances would be virtually detrimental to the environment because a global company is willing to donate 1 million to mitigate the harmful effects of flights.

And at the finish line, musicians and designers will show off a capsule collection that will be released in the spring of 2023. Without a doubt, we can say that this is one of the most anticipated collections for next season.

As early as May 16, we will see Shawn in the classic Reborn campaign, for example, in the 1985 program Polo, made from special organic cotton, which allows manufacturers to avoid 692 tons of emissions, which can be compared to the 641 one-way standard. Flight from London to New York for one passenger. Also, Mendes is betting on more durable denim as it uses 20% recycled cotton and requires much less water and energy even in the final stages.

“I look forward to hearing from each other, to explore how creative innovation can positively impact the fashion industry, and to share what it means for me to survive more sustainably,” said Shawn.

We encourage you to follow the news on the official accounts of stars and brands, especially since, thanks to their joint efforts, we are moving towards a conscious future.

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