Top CNN Digital Executive Meredith Artley to Leave – Deadline

Meredith Artley, who was senior vice president and editor-in-chief at CNN Digital Worldwide, told staff Friday that she was leaving the network.

He took over on May 2 from the latest executive, Chris Leach, to exit CNN’s new corporate parent Warner Bros. Discovery and the new leadership.

Artley said he would stay “for two more weeks” to help make a change. The name of the successor has not been announced.

“I am very proud to have been able to direct, enhance and champion CNN’s journalism across our digital platform for so many years,” Artley wrote in a memo addressed to staff. “We have more than tripled the number of dedicated digital journalists. We’ve also increased the number of CNNers who do digital journalism no matter where they sit on the org chart. We’ve doubled-down on breaking news and individual storytelling in a variety of forms and platforms. We’ve invested in new beats and methods to engage the audience. Those audiences have grown exponentially, as have our lead over qualified competitors. And as digital business continues to grow, things could get worse. ”

Artley joined CNN in 2009 from the Los Angeles Times. He has previously worked for the International Herald Tribune and the New York Times.

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