Travis Baker’s ex-wife Shanna Mokler has something to say about his new marriage

News from Travis Baker and Courtney Kardashian Marriage The world has taken the storm. Discussions are going on all over the world about the newlyweds. We have to admit, they look pretty good together. But where there is happiness, there is also much drama. And in this situation we cannot expect less.

With over 7.3 million followers on Instagram, Travis Baker is known as one of the most famous musicians in the world. He was previously married to Shanna Mokler from 2004 to 2008. The couple separated for many personal reasons but Shanna has something to say about the newlyweds. According to Shanna’s information to US Weekly, she is incredibly happy for both of them. He said that he wished only good for his children and that they were his only priority. But he was grateful that the two included him and his children in the celebration.

He said that he was very happy that his children, Atiana (23) and Oscar de la Hoa were able to attend the wedding because they looked very happy and were able to fully enjoy Italy. The children were all together Courtney’s children were part of the ceremony. His children include Mason (12), Penelope (9) and Raine (7) who were with his ex-partner, Scott Disk.

According to a source, both Baker and Kardashian’s family were seen dancing together when DJ Blink-182 played “All the Little Things”. Shanna had earlier said that she was not bothered by the relationship between Courtney and Travis. The only thing that seemed strange to him was that the couple posed for a romance movie called “True Romance” when the movie was something that Shanna and Travis once tied. He added that their first dance was a love song from the movie “True Romance”. This will upset anyone who shares such memories with anyone.

But overall the couple seems to be really happy with their decision and Shanna is also incredibly happy for them. There is just good vibe all around and the married couple is blessed a lot from all over the world.

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