Ukrainians condemn Russian “genocide” – deadline

Cannes protested the red carpet for the third time in a week.

Today, a group of Ukrainian filmmakers from the film Butterfly vision He took part in a protest with a banner that read: “Russia kills Ukrainians. Do you find it offensive or annoying to talk about this genocide? ”

Participants covered their faces with transparent squares, which can be seen on social media when the content is considered sensitive or annoying.

The demonstration took place on a red carpet outside the palace and was followed by two more demonstrations last week: one against sexual violence against women in Ukraine and the other against domestic violence in France.

Hard-hit Ukrainian film Butterfly vision A woman follows a soldier who returns home from the front line after two months in captivity and discovers that she is pregnant after being raped by her warden. The film deals with the trauma that she wonders if she can save a child in a society that is unwilling to accept both of them.

The festival has faced criticism from some in the industry for including the film Tchaikovsky’s wife The film was supported in the competition by the approved Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.

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