Utopia buys Ali Abbasi’s ear contest title ‘Holy Spider’ – Deadline

Exclusive: Holy spider, Close to an agreement for U.S. rights with U.S. sales and distribution companies owned by Ali Abbasi’s Iranian serial killer thriller, Utopia, Robert Schwartzman and Cole Harper. The premiere of the provocative Cane Competition film is in the croissant today for a loud applause.

CAA Media Finance is brokering a domestic deal while Wild Bunch is selling a film about a serial killer who is killing sex workers. Holy The city of Mashhad is a place of pilgrimage (and the second largest in Iran). Based on a true story, the film centers on a female journalist in Tehran who is trying to track down the killer – and who has faced much opposition from the authorities, as many secretly support. “Spiders Killer ”to remove a scandalous element.

The film is written by Abbasi and Afshin Kamran Bahrami, and stars Jar Amir Ibrahimi and Mehdi Bajestani. Producer is Sol Bondi (The story) And Jacob Zarek (Don’t say anything bad)

Iranian-Danish director Abbasi won the Uncertain Regard competition several years ago for his Swedish troll movie. Border.

The acquisition is the biggest deal to date for the upstart Utopia, formed in 2019 under the “Filmmaker First” method. Includes previous releases Sharp stick, American religion And Mickey and the Bear.

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