Vangelis, the pioneer of electronic music, has died

Vangelis, the pioneer of electronic music, has died. Greek composer Vangelis has died at the age of 69 after contracting the coronavirus.
Greek composer and pioneer of electronic music Vangelis has died. Ta Nea magazine gave this news.
Earlier, the author of “Blade Runner” soundtrack was hospitalized in France after being infected with the coronavirus. The law firm representing him has confirmed the composer’s death and noted that he died late Tuesday night, May 17th. He was 79 years old.

Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassio (real name Vangelis) was born on March 29, 1943, in the Greek city of Volos. He started writing music at the age of four and gave his first public performance at the age of six without any education. Her parents insisted that she take music lessons, but Vangelis was self-taught.
He was one of the founders of the well-known band The Forminix, which emerged in Greece in the 1960s, and later formed the rock band Aphrodite’s Child with Demis Rousseau. After moving to London in 1973, Vangelis began her solo career and founded her own studio, Nemo Studios.

In addition to Blade Runner, the composer wrote music for the films Chariots of Fire, Missing in Action, Character, Francis, Alexander, 1492: The Conquest of Paradise. In 2002, Vangelis became the music writer for the World Cup in Japan and Korea. He is considered one of the first writers and performers of electronic music.

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