Victoria Beckham is trying to fix the relationship between her daughters

Victoria Beckham Her son is trying to fix the relationship between Brooklyn and Romeo’s girls
A source close to the Beckham family told the Daily Mail that a split was forming in the celebrity family. It turned out that Romeo Beckham’s wife, Mia Regan, the wife of the eldest son, Nicola Peltz-Beckham, had not found a common language.

For this reason, Victoria is most concerned and is trying in every possible way to reunite the girls. He even invited them to a friendly luncheon, but both girls refused to come because they were too busy.
Rumor has it that, in fact, 27-year-old Nikola and 19-year-old Mia are very similar in both appearance and character, which prevents them from making friends. But since Romeo is committed to his loved one and plans to tie the knot with him, Nicola and Mia will become relatives and will need to meet more often.

After the marriage, however, Brooklyn and Nicola moved to the United States, where the Peltz family lived, and rarely came to England. They didn’t even come to David Beckham’s birthday, which of course Victoria didn’t like.
Earlier, news had already surfaced on the web that Mrs. Beckham had begun to dislike her daughter-in-law.

And all because, according to Victoria, he pushes Brooklyn, prevents her from communicating with his family, and before that, he forces her to take his last name (suppose Brooklyn and Nicola now have the surname Peltz-Beckham). However, in Victoria’s personal account, there is a commercial where Mia Reagan is a branded boutique trying out different outfits of the Victoria Beckham brand, but there are no such videos and photos with Nicola.

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