Victoria Beckham wore a red slip dress and without underwear

Victoria Beckham She has acted in a red slip dress and underwear Former Spice Girls single and soccer player’s wife David Beckham Try on linen style images. Victoria shared the photo on social networks.

Victoria Beckham, 48, posted a backstage photo from the next shoot on her personal blog. The singer-songwriter, wearing a red slip-on dress without thin straps and underwear, captured herself in a waist-length mirror. According to her, this model will soon be available for purchase in her personal clothing brand.

The look with an underwear-style outfit was complemented by Victoria’s signature bronze make-up and collected styling, worked by her stylist James Roy.

In July, Victoria and David Beckham will celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary. The couple has four children: 23-year-old Brooklyn, 19-year-old Romeo, 17-year-old Cruz and 10-year-old Harper. The star couple’s eldest son has married the daughter of American billionaire Nelson Peltz Nicola: The marriage took place last April and cost the young man বাবা 3.5 million.

Earlier, it was reported that Victoria Beckham tried on a short black dress and pointed stilettos. Victoria Beckham posted a picture on her personal blog where she appeared in a black sleeveless mini dress from her own clothing brand. She was complemented by pointed patent leather stilettos and an elegant bracelet that the businesswoman placed on her right leg.

Beckham’s hair was tied with a bobby pin as fashionable in the 90’s.

“Sleeping on my long awaited weekend in the Victoria Beckham Mini outfit,” Beckham captioned the snap. In the comments, Beckham’s customers left hundreds of compliments on their idol, in particular, its slender, premature-shape. “What a Woman!”, “Posh Spice Forever,” “More like Audrey Hepburn,” wrote Internet users.

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