Warwick Davis returns as ‘Willow’ in the trailer for the new Disney Plus series

Warwick is back as Davis Willow In a new trailer for the upcoming Disney Plus series.

In 1988, Lucasfilm produced a fantasy adventure film Willow. Directed by Ron Howard, starring in it Star wars Veteran Warwick Davis has played the title role and the initial character for Val Kilmer and Joan Howley. Sadly, like many other fantasy films of this decade, Willow It was a box office and failed to impress the critics and no feature film was followed up.

Following the acquisition of Disney’s Lucasfilm, Mouse House Studios set many features to work. This eventually includes a Willow Series for the company’s new streaming service Disney Plus. Although production officially began early last year, so far little has been revealed about the upcoming film.

Warwick Davis’ new Disney Plus series trailer during Lucasfilm’s studio showcase panel at the Star Wars celebration Willow The release date of the upcoming show was released with:

Here is an official summary of Ron Howard’s features Willow:

When a good-natured farmer named Willow Uffgood discovers a baby girl who prophesied an end to the reign of the wicked Queen Bavmorda, he embarks on an adventure to return the baby to his people. Faced with all sorts of creatures and characters, Willow finds both companionship and villain with a new skill as a magician.

In addition to Warwick Davis, the series stars Rosabel Lorenti Sellers, Tony Revolori, Amer Chada-Patel, Eli Bamber, Ruby Cruz, Erin Kellyman and Talisa Garcia. The authors of the series include Hannah Friedman and Jonathan Casdan. Directors of the series include Stephen Wolfenden, Jamie Childs and Debs Patterson.

Willow It is set to premiere at Disney Plus on November 30, 2022 Stay tuned for all the latest news from around the upcoming series and don’t forget to subscribe to Heroic Hollywood’s YouTube channel for more original video content.

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