Weather Underground Explored in ‘Mother Country Radicals’ Podcast – Deadline

The crooked media and the Odyssey radical leftist group have teamed up for a new podcast series about The Weather Underground.

Two companies have set Mother Country RadicalsWhich will have its world premiere on June 8 at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. You will hear the trailer below first.

The series is hosted by playwright Zayed Ayers Dohron, the son of Weather Underground leader Bernardine Dohron and Bill Ayers.

Fifty years after the Pentagon’s Weather Underground bombing, Mother Country Radicals is a highly private, politically charged counter-culture group trying to radically change young activists in any way possible.

It will feature Bernardine Dohron and Bill Ayers in their own voices and intimate interviews with Weather Underground members such as Jeff Jones and Kathy Bowden, in one of the last recordings before his death.

The ten-episode series captures the 1970s from personalities such as Fred Hampton, Angela Davis and Asatta Shakur as Ayr Dohron traveled to understand the radicalization of her parents and how it shaped her family and life. Born underground with his parents while fleeing the FBI, he opens a childhood in the shadows of the Weather Underground through conversations with Bernadine and Bill, who still struggle with the consequences of their actions. Ultimately, he must classify his loving parents’ personal experiences with their infamous media image – a narrative that has long been armed by the conversational media and politicians, especially during Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign.

The series is produced by Crooked Media and Adasi and produced by Dustlight Productions. All ten episodes will debut on Adasi and other platforms on June 9, with the first three episodes debuting before the weekly rollout.

“It’s a story that’s in my blood, but one that I haven’t thoroughly examined yet. I wanted to try to understand my parents, and why they risked their own lives – and the lives of their children – to try to change the world.” To do, “said Zayed Dohron. “And as I was putting the story together, it became clear how our current political system is obsessed with old conflicts. Their allies in the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Movement were fighting the same systematic racism and police violence that we see today. And that fight has important lessons – lessons of both caution and inspiration – for today’s idealistic youth.

“When I came to Crooked Media, Zayed was one of my first calls. I knew her amazing family history and unique perspectives would make an excellent podcast. The story of Weather Underground feels incredibly special in its ability to be shared through the eyes of real people, and is beautifully complemented by Dustlight’s amazing audio work, “added Sarah Gizmar, Head of Production and Development at Crooked Media. “What Zayed has given us is a sympathetic first-hand account and an investigation into one of the most neglected chapters in American history that we believe will bring a diverse audience. Can expand in a way. ”

Listen to a trailer of the show below.

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