‘Welcome to Provincetown’ Podcast Set from Rococo Punch, Room Tone and Stitcher –

Exclusive: Podcast company Stitcher, Rococo Punch and Room Tone have teamed up with a new reality podcast that explores the dramas and dreams of seven members of an iconic LGBTQ community at the end of the world.

Three companies are launching Welcome to ProvincetownKnown for its community of actors, artists, drag queens, playwrights and writers, the two-street beach town records the lives of several eclectic, lively residents.

The series is hosted by Mitra Kabli, its producer Heart And ESPN’s 30 for 30.

It will follow seven locals, each with their own agenda, in the small, picturesque town of Provincetown, MA. These include Kia, the summer ‘brick girl’, an actress who performs on every stage, and a few sand dunes in the city; Sonny, a newcomer to P-Town trying to get his summer bed; Kristen, Ethan and Starr of Summer of Sass, a program that brings 18-20 year olds from the oppressive community to life, Jay, a legendary artist and longtime resident who uses his septic tank as a temporary oasis; And Brian, a recently divorced, newly arrived bear, is rebuilding his life in that area.

Welcome to Provincetown Produced by Kabli and Emily Forman. The story is edited by Gianna Palmer of Stitcher. The executive producers are John Perotti and Jessica Alpert for Rococo Punch and Ben Riskin and Bianca Grimmish for Room Tone. Camille Stanley is the executive producer of Witness Docs.

Sirius’s advertising sales team has exclusive global advertising rights for SXM Media Welcome to Provincetown.

“Room Tone develops projects that delight the audience and discourage the expectation of what can be achieved in words. Our first, Welcome to Provincial Town, offers a new approach to unconventional storytelling and media, “said Ben Riskin, co-founder of Room Tone. “The partnership with Rococo Punch and Mitra Kaboli was a natural fit based on the shared experience of creating stories about complex and short lives and I am very happy to have Stitcher on board to help put everything together.”

John Perotti, co-founder of Rococo Punch, said: “We started Rococo Punch with the goal of creating memorable podcasts that take listeners out of the studio and into other places. “Tapping into the real world has been made for us for many years, and when the room tone arrived, we knew that Provincetown’s words and stories could provide that experience for the audience, with its unique background and one-of-a-kind character. “

Welcome to Provincetown It’s different than what came before, “said Camille Stanley, executive producer at Witness Docs. “Room Tone and Rococo Punch have taken care to give the audience an exciting glimpse of a summer in this iconic destination – not only the characters who live in it, but the city as well. Together with our Witness Docs team, we are honored to be able to help them bring this series to audiences everywhere. ”

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