Wendy Williams Dissatisfied Court Appoints Guardian For Her Money – Deadline

Wendy Williams has won a partial victory by trying to gain access to her bank accounts, but the former talk queen is still unable to sign her own check – and that’s not good with her.

“Please suggest that Wendy does not agree with the appointment of a financial guardian by the court,” Williams’ lawyer Lashan Thomas said today. Cash until at least July. The Miami-based attorney added, “Wendy has made it very clear that she does not want a financial guardian to tell her what she can and cannot do with her money.”

Due to Graves’ Disease and other health problems, Williams has been at war with Wells Fargo for most of this year that he has been denied access to a seemingly insignificant account. In a video posted online in March where he accused his former manager, Barney Young, of taking $ 100,000 from his account to set up a guardianship, Williams used his trademark blunt style: “I want my money, it’s not fair.” – You can see below:

In the still-sealed case, the multinational financial services firm originally seized Williams’ accounts when concerns were raised by a former adviser to the host’s “restless mind.” “Wells Fargo’s priority is to protect Miss Williams’ financial well-being and her privacy,” the bank said in a statement in March, when a temporary guardian was appointed. “As we have stated in court, Wells Fargo is open to acting on the advice of Mrs. Williams to release funds directly to her creditors for bills paid historically and regularly from her account.”

Today, there was no “comment” on Wells Fargo’s new guardianship, which basically removed them from any operational role in the dispute.

However, Williams’ lawyer had a lot more to say on the matter, including pointing the finger at the bank.

“Wendy feels she is able to hire her own financial advisers who work for her and report to her, not to court,” Thomas insisted. “We believe this story was published in an attempt to reduce public outrage and regulatory scrutiny around Wells Fargo because of their activities.”

A return to the 13th season, Wendy Williams show Guest hosts began to be brought on-board in January for the missing Williams. Late February, Lionsgate’s Devmar-Mercury, behind producer-distributor Wendy Williams show Officially turns off the lights and unveils a new syndicate show up front Scene Co-host Sherry Shepherd. In a recent phone interview with Dr. GMAWilliams insisted he was feeling “very good” and planned to return to the small screen soon – to “do my job”.

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