When Amber Hard commented on rumors of a relationship with James Franco

Amber Hard Commented on the rumors about the relationship with James Frank When she was married.
The showdown between Johnny Depp and Amber Guard continues. During a new court hearing, the actress responded to allegations that she had an affair with James Franco when she married Pirates of the Caribbean star.

Recall that more than a year ago, a video was published on the network about how Amber and James met at night and went to the penthouse, where the actress was staying with Depp, who was absent that day. The man then accused Herd of treason, and this is what he said about her now.

According to Blonde, she was a close friend of Franco because they worked together on two films and lived close by. That day, Johnny complained that his relationship with Johnny was in crisis and that he needed support. That’s why he went back to James.

Amber spoke of that night, noting that she and Franco had a completely platonic relationship.
He further explained what the Pirates of the Caribbean stars did when they learned about the scenes. There was, when I had a scene like that, how could I tell him, and I told him on that occasion. He was angry at me, but he wasn’t on the phone. She looked at me and shouted, ‘What can you do? How can you tell me while shooting this scene while I’m working. “I immediately told him it was relevant, but he said, ‘How can you tell me? ‘It’s like I told him I had a relationship. He began to be less involved with reality because these arguments would be over the phone.

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