Whether ‘The Resident’ boss and more Nick flashbacks to Emily Vancamp’s return

Spoiler alert: The following story reveals the main plot points of the Season 5 finale of Fox’s The Resident.

Emily Vancamp is back in Fox Residential It was thrilling to see Nick Nevin and Conrad Hawkins (Matt Jucery) reunite at the end of Season 5 tonight, alas, it was just flashback.

Emily Vancamp
Nathan Bolster / Fox

Conrad continues to struggle with romance after losing the love of his life and his daughter’s mother, but memories can help him overcome some of those worries.

Throughout the episode, Conrad revisits the good old days with Nick, often lost in thought. He smiles as he comes out of his daydream about a certain date with Nick, while their daughter Gigi is in a car stoplight.

She may not find the magic that she did with Nick, but she can love again and move on with her life as she wants. And they are kept in perspective when he chats with a patient who has suddenly lost a loved one.

Life is short.

Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal) was deeply affected by his planned departure from Atlanta in an attempt to bridge the gap between him and Leela (Anuja Joshi) by losing his patient, a pregnant mother and wife. She may not have plans to have a child, but she eventually realizes that she is breaking up a special relationship for an uncertain future.

Manish Dayal and Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Nathan Bolster / Fox

The series’ executive producer, Andrew Chapman, broke the season 5 finishing events via email with Deadline, and he addressed whether fans could expect to see more of Nic through future flashbacks.

Deadline: What can you share about how you agreed to return to Vancamp?

Andrew Chapman: Emily was playing from the start. Because he suddenly had to leave the show at the start of season 5, he didn’t really get a chance to say goodbye to the crew and cast in Atlanta. She really wanted to do it. Also, she was excited to bring some of the Nick and Conrad relationship off the show. When we reached out to him he jumped at the chance to get involved in the season finale. He was great.

Deadline: What was the strength of the set when he and Matt reunited?

Chapman: They think Ol ‘Nick and Conrad fans know and love.
I wasn’t there, but the show’s creator was Amy Holden Jones, and she said the power of the set was too strong. The last scene shot by Matt Zuchary and Emily Vancamp while Nick and Conrad were in bed together, discussing what life would be like if one of them died, everyone was on the verge of crying.

Deadline: What are your plans for Conrad’s future?

Chapman: We wanted to close the whole season with this episode, and finally Conrad realized he was mentally ready to move on with his life. But we wanted to stop deciding who to hang out with until Season 6 when we could start a whole new story line where Conrad goes about his love. We have very specific plans for who he will choose in his love life, but you need to tune in to season six to know what those plans are!

Deadline: Can Nic return to Flashback in the future?
Chapman: That said, there are no plans for a flashback with Emily.

Deadline: Is it safe to assume Devon isn’t going to Baltimore? What can you share about the future of her complicated relationship with Leela?

Chapman: It’s safe to assume that Devon is not leaving the hospital, yet. But we want him to remain a superstar scientist, an ambitious young doctor with big plans. Those plans could still be bad for her relationship with Leela.

Deadline: It looks like her sister Padma (Anisha Joshi) is pregnant with twin children, which may change for Leela. Anything you’re considering?

Chapman: Yes, she may reconsider her future as a potential mother because of her sister, but she is also an ambitious young doctor with big plans like Devon. Ambitions and plans can still clash with the desire to have a couple and have a family.

Guest stars Callie Ronayen and Matt Zuchary
Nathan Bolster / Fox

Deadline: Bell (Bruce Greenwood) talks about Leela’s future and how he hopes to finally prepare her for his role. What can you share in front of that?

Chapman: We plan to explore Bell’s transition as a teacher and mentor in Season 6. He’s about to hand over the torch to Superstar General Surgeon Leela, the doctor he thinks is best suited to handle all the stresses that come with the role. We plan that Season 6 will be the final redemption for Bell, the character who started the show, as the villain in Season 1, and will now be a respected teacher and mentor.

Deadline: Bell was kept in the ring this season. You guys know a thing or two about marriage. What are your plans for the Bell / Voss wedding?

Chapman: Yes, marriage is ours! Who doesn’t love a good marriage? We plan to have Bell and Kit Voss (Jane Lives) reunite very early in season 6.

Deadline: How much will Raptor (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) be involved with a father? Will this adorable child help him to heal from his mother’s loss? Will it reunite him and Padma?

Chapman: We think AJ Austin’s idea of ​​being the father of two young children is a very juicy story without being romantically involved with the mother of those children. We think parenting will help him heal from his mother’s loss, but we doubt it will turn him into an embracing version of the infamous, hard-edged raptor. At least we hope it doesn’t!

Deadline: What story are you hoping to tell next season?

Chapman: We have a bunch of soap story plans for Season 6: Conrad and his love life, Devon and Leela and their rising family, Kit and Bell’s wedding, Ked (Kelly Ronin) and her narcissistic father (Andrew McCarthy), and Billy (Jessica Lucas). )) And his desire for Conrad.

But we also want to dive into our classic responsible medical story: the addiction of doctors to positions, the corruption of drugs through money, allowing doctors to practice when they shouldn’t, the violence on the streets and its devastating effects on hospitals. Fear not, Residential Each episode will continue to address American healthcare issues.

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