Why did Rob Kardashian miss the wedding of his sister Courtney and Travis Barker?

Why did Rob Kardashian Miss the wedding of his sister Courtney and Travis Barker in Italy?
The great engagement of the elder sister of the Kardashian dynasty left not only a lot of enthusiastic comments, but also confusing questions. Robbie’s own brother and former reality TV star missed the wedding of his sisters Courtney and Travis Barker in Italy because he didn’t want to be dragged to the event in front of thousands of cameras.

However, the 43-year-old Courtney felt the support of loved ones on this day as she was accompanied by sisters Kim, Kholo, Kendall and Kylie and mother Chris Jenner. Although Rob, 35, is not a big fan of public events and travels, he is looking forward to celebrating this joyous event with his bride back home in California.

The couple is currently vacationing in Portofino, where they were spotted jumping off a yacht on Monday.
The newlywed wife is already successfully integrating into family life: she has changed her name on her Instagram profile Courtney Kardashian Barker. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Scott Disk wastes no time and drowns her grief in the holidays, preferring to hang out at the fun strip club in New York.

Apparently, thus, the father of his children celebrated Courtney’s farewell in his single position, and on Monday morning he met the beautiful girls. Note that Courtney and Disk have three common children – 12-year-old Mason, 9-year-old Penelope, and 7-year-old Raine. They were also in the sunny Portofino for a grand and happy celebration of their mother.

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