Why Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are leaving for Australia for a while

Why Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Moving to Australia for a while. The Hollywood couple is planning a joint business trip to the green continent. The most popular celebrity couple is planning to move to Australia by the end of this year. The 28-year-old Pete’s acting career is on the rise – Saturday Night Live’s top comedian called “The Magician!” A role in the film was offered. (Wizards!), Deadline by David Mitchaud.

The film, co-produced by Brad Pitt-owned Studio A24 and Plan B, is scheduled to shoot in the northeastern Australian state of Queensland. Davidson must have been in Australia for the entire filming, and so, according to the couple’s close acquaintances, 41-year-old Kim made a decision in the style of December’s wife – to follow her loved ones wherever luck took her. . It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post with his four children.

In the picture “Magician!” British actress Naomi Scott will also star in the new Netflix series Anatomy of a Scandal. The film follows the owners of two helpless beach bars starring Pete Davidson and Franz Rogowski, who stumble upon stolen loot and have trouble getting left alone.

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