Why Madonna was banned from Instagram Live!

Why was Madonna banned? Instagram Show live? Madonna is known to many not only for her creativity, but also for her provocative behavior. However, all actions have their consequences and the stars have paid for it with likes. The social networking app blocks the pop singer’s live stream when he posts a series of pictures of himself in a neat outfit. On Friday morning, Diva, 63, shared a video showing the moment she learned that she had been sent off directly. Madonna saw the message and said, “What happened? What’s going on?” Access to the live video was blocked.

But the singer would not have been himself if he had not responded to the situation with humor. He joked that he had never worn so much clothing in his life as in a deadly broadcast. Then a friend and a part-time member of the Queen of Pops group read the rules of the community, which says the following:

The Grammy winner took her to her stories to record a conversation with a colleague from the recent Frozen on Fire remix, with whom she was going to live, and told her that the social network was highly confidential. “I don’t know why. They don’t tell me why. It’s like a bureaucracy inside a computer,” the singer continued. Madonna noted that she did not post anything “crazy” on the app, at least not this week.

Recall that the star recently released an NFT collection called “Mother of Creation”, where a 3D version of her appeared completely naked and gave birth to butterflies, insects and trees. The singer apologized for not being able to chat live with his fans. “I’m sorry I disappointed everyone. I was really looking forward to it,” he said.

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