Winner of ‘American Idol’ Crown Season 20 – Deadline

Spoiler alert: The following reveals the winner of Season 20 of American Idol.

It has been a long and difficult journey American Idol Season 20 contestants but only one can take home top honors. But first, the ABC series took the season to a higher note through a variety of performances from top talent in collaboration with competitors.

They include:

Flow Rida + Top 10 Contestants – “Feel Good”
Earth, Wind and Fire + J Copeland – “Shining Star,” “Let’s Groove,” “September” Medley
Dina Carter + Mike Parker – “Strawberry Wine”
Ben Platt + Lady K – “Take me to the pilot”
Gabby Barrett + Emerson Flora – “Pick Me Up,” “The Good Once” Medley
So Verdes + Mike Parker, Emerson Flora, Jay Copeland, Lady K, Christian – “AOK”
Sarah Bereles + Nicolina Bojo – “She used to be mine”
Katy Perry + Thomas Rate – “Where We Started”
James Arthur + Fritz Hager – “Can I Be His”
Michael Bubble + Christian Guardino – “Smile”
Melissa Etheridge + Noah Thompson – “I’m Not Alone”
Ben Platt, Sarah Bereles + Fritz Hager, Leah Marlen, Nicolina Bojo, J. Copeland – “Grow as We Go”
Luke Bryan + Huntergirl – “I told you so”
Katy Perry + Leah Marlen – “Fireworks”
Lionel Richie + Top 10 Contestants – “You”

Noah Thompson

ABC / Eric McCandless

After America voted, it was Noah Thompson who emerged as the winner of Season 20. He ended the episode with a performance of his song “One Day Tonight” when his loved ones rushed to the stage to celebrate the important event.

Thompson and runner-up Huntergirl একটি who played a good game and helped Thompson celebrate his big win দেখা will be seen together tomorrow Good morning, America 8 am ET / PT. Thompson will follow it with a performance Living with Kelly and Ryan 9 am ET / PT.

See its performance in full below.

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