Woody Harrelson in the ear and the ‘sad triangle’ character – timeline

Loud applause, and lots, greetings to Ruben Ostlund and his cast The triangle of sorrow They entered the Cannes press conference this morning.

Call it cathartic for worldwide viewers because of the cowardice, inflation, and the horrors of the Ukraine war. Cannes is notorious for his restless, three-year-old film. However, The triangle of sorrow In its Farrelly Brothers-esque vomit and poop antics, the press corps is given a reason to laugh here, and, boy, are they responding after the crowd last night gave a picture of one of these longest still ovations.

The movie, which lstlund calls his “The End of Western Civilization”, follows a fashion model and her model casting agent partner, played by Charlie Dean and Harris Dickinson, who travel in luxury yachts, the poorest of the poor. And eventually trapped on a secluded island. Woody Harrelson plays a Marxist captain who gets drunk with a Russian oligarch, reads from the Communist Manifesto, and throws his yacht into rough water until the passengers gossip and vomit.

Talking about how he feels about the character, Harrelson said, “The character is Marxist. I’m not a Marxist, I’m an anarchist so we’re different in that sense.”

Then he said solemnly, “I am a man who finds it disgusting when a superpower with all these military might attacks without provocation, without provocation, a country which is Ukraine.” Cheers Alumni about the war in Russia and 3x Oscar nominees.

“I love the character, and I think in many ways, he (Austlund) let my character be the message of the movie,” the actor added.

“I’ll be in her next picture, she wants me to do what she wants me to do,” Harrelson insisted at the press conference. The Entertainment System Down.

“He’s going to play the role of a captain on a plane.” The triangle of sorrow, Inspired by Aldas Huxley’s Dystopian Novel, set on a long flight Brave new world.

Deadline critic Stephanie Bunbury insists on the film, “The triangle of sorrow A mission statement about equality: that it does not exist, that it cannot exist, that when disaster can bring down the top dogs, new curses will replace them and behave exactly the same. “

“Eight years ago, I met my wife; She is a fashion photographer. I just wanted to know everything about the fashion industry. We started talking a lot about fashion is a product, the status of models while they are working; Talk about beauty as a currency, ”Ostlund said.

“I found beauty to be fascinating, but also scary,” added Palme d’Or winner and Oscar nominee. Square Says

The filmmaker talks about a scientific study where a tiger was disguised as a red-spotted, herdsman. “Fashion works the same way,” the director explains about people mixed into social groups.

Ostlund explained that he had tested The triangle of sorrow In Berlin, Stockholm and Spain. It was the next locale that riveted his best takeaway for the filmmaker. “We had 30 people who had no movie experience; They are laughing and shouting straight away; Finally, a listener returns something. “

“We Europeans are not good listeners, we sit with our hands and feet,” Ostlund explains, “we forget that we are part of the show, part of the performance.”

“We had a responsibility to make a great screening,” the producer added.

“I’m glad everyone is behind this socialist theme in the film,” Ostlund said.

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