Yasha Jackson joins ABC’s National Parks Drama Pilot – Deadline

Exclusive: Yasha Jackson (Airmen) Rashad Raisani and the pilot of ABC’s National Park drama from A + E studios are set in a lead role opposite Michela McManus.

Written by Raisani and produced by the executive, the yet untitled play is a set of “soap” approaches to the world of national parks. It revolves around the chaotic, chaotic lives of agents working for the ISB – an elite law enforcement unit responsible for solving all the serious crimes that occur in our country’s 81,000 square miles of protected land.

Jackson will play Tiffany, a brassie, funny park service agent, a helicopter pilot and a close friend of Audrey (McManus). Proud to be weird, Tiffany always says the right thing and she enjoys taking one or two pegs of self-important bureaucrats down. He and his other best friend, Lisa, are fascinated by the clash between Audrey’s ex-Clay and his current fiance Caldon.

Audrey of McManus is a beautiful but completely unaffected young park service agent, a “wild at heart rule breaker” with a big heart and a sense of self-contained humor who loves the wilderness. Surprisingly intuitive, Audrey can shape the crime scene like modern day Sherlock Holmes. Her mother was killed by the infamous Wild Flower Killer when she was just 11 years old, and she has since been raised by Hugh, who is now raised by her boss. When a young man is murdered in Yosemite, it appears that his mother’s killer has become active again after many years, and Audrey is determined to bring him to justice.

Raisani will co-produce A + E Studio with Barry Josen and Tana Jamieson. The company is producing with the 20th Television.

Jackson will currently be seen opposite Hale Max in Cale Cuoko Airmen, Which is streaming its second season. Jackson recently appeared in the second season of the HBO Max Anthology series Love life Unlike William Jackson Harper. Among its other previous credits is the recurring role Manifest, The Bold Type, Ray Donovan And Blue blood. Towards the film, he appeared in Paramounts Clifford the Big Red Dog, And co-starring in the romantic comedy The Hating Game In contrast to Lucy Hale. Jackson has been replaced by Paradigm, Authentic Talent and Literary Management, and has been replaced by Goodman, Zeno, Schenkman, Smelkinson, and Christopher.

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