YFN Lucci case: Lawyer files emergency bond hearing

It has just been reported YFN Luchi See case update. See the latest reports below.

The Shade Room notes the following: ‘According to documents obtained exclusively by The Shade Room, #YFNLucci (Rayshawn Bennett) lawyer has requested an emergency bond hearing in Fulton County.’

On May 13, Lucci’s lawyer filed a supplementary emergency hearing, which he filed in addition to a motion he filed in March, when he was “repeatedly stabbed inside Fulton County Jail.”

TSR continued, stating: “According to the documents, the proposal cites the YSL RICO allegation that two accomplices of the young thug were allowed by him to make a second attempt to assassinate YFN Luchi.”

Someone said: ‘Gesh, it’s getting heavy. These kids don’t know how to make money sitting down. ‘

One commenter posted: ‘You all have to save that guy. Because now nothing is stopping him from getting it. ‘

Another follower said: ‘Bra’a’al knew Luchchi would not shit when they shot his nigga out of the car.’

One fan said: ‘These Nigaras could have really lived a long, happy and free life, but they chose this mess.’

In November 2021, we announced that the murder and torture case YFN Luchi Is set for next year. See the available details about all this published by The Shade Room.

The trial is set to begin in May 2022 in the YFN Luchi murder and torture case. Luchi, who is in Fulton County custody, was arrested in December 2020 on multiple charges, including murder in the alleged gang shooting that claimed the life of 28-year-old James Adams. According to online Fulton County Records, Lucier had a bond hearing today where a judge set the trial date for May 12, 2022. He maintains his innocence, ‘said Shed Room.

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