YouTube CEO Susan Wojciech says it’s a “big deal” moving forward; Google

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki called it a “big deal” that the digital video giant moved from Newfronts to the week before the broadcast this year, launching a presentation to advertisers featuring Lizo, Mr.Bist and other crowd-pleasers.

“The audience has a lot more choice about what to watch or where to watch,” Ozsiki said in his opening remarks. “And they continue to use YouTube.”

After taking up residence at Radio City Music Hall for multiple Newfronts before forcing Covid to run online, the Google-owned video outlet moved to the Imperial Theater in Broadway, where Temptation Musical Not too proud Played until last January.

The opening number of the night is appropriate for the place, Grammy-winning Night show Bandleader John Batist is leading through the scary Pocket Isles and on stage an exuberant musical scene. The theme of the music was threaded through presentations with the presence of Lijo and Niza. Among the participants was the producer community, including the subscription giant MrBeast.

Wojcicki cites a Nielsen survey which found that YouTube reached 230 million viewers per month in the US and 135 million viewers via connected TV. “The audience you care about is coming to see content on YouTube that is most relevant to their lives,” he said.

Alan Thaigesen, president, America and a global partner at YouTube, says advertisers’ investment in YouTube is 23% higher than TV’s and twice as much as other digital video outlets, according to Nielsen.

In addition to confirming the importance of YouTube in the streaming space, he has announced a new tool that enables advertisers to set a frequency target. He said the technology would help eliminate waste and create a more enjoyable environment for visitors.

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