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Spoiler alert: This article contains details of FX’s Season 3 finale tonight Atlanta

“Whether we wanted to end this season or finish that episode, some things were resolved with feeling, but not necessarily resolved,” said Jazzy Beatz in tonight’s Parisian final. AtlantaIts the last season. “I think in Season 4, there’s a continuum of identity searches,” said the actress, who plays Donald Glover’s Van, co-starring Brian Tyri Henry and Lecith Stansfield in the FX series.

“It’s a lifelong journey that I think, and it takes on a slightly different context.”

A fine weave of 1960’s whispers Shortness of breath1993’s Killing JoeOf 2016 Raw And a dolph of 2001 or more Amelie“Literally”, literally and figuratively, written by Glover Helmed and Stephanie Robinson, was the finale for the March 24 premiering third season. A paid “urine kink”, cooked human hands, a “local” POV in Paris, a perverted Alexander Scarsgard as Alexander Scarsgard, and a battering baguette, must be exposed to visceral and painful practice in a veiled identity and weakness. Atlanta For a while fans, especially the fourth and final season of the acclaimed series, are coming this fall.

While some may be stuck in a ghostly post-credit scene with a gloves earring, a backpack, a Deftones T-shirt, and a cool photo, at the center of it all is the van, divided internally and culturally, into Beatz’s own grand tour. Amy nominated Joker And The harder they fall Alum talks to me about taking the mysterious Season 3 Ender and Van to the reality of his creation. Beatz also talks about what to expect for season 4 and what it was like to say goodbye.

End date: A lot to ask, but first, was f * ck all about that? The van went so hard, so fast in so many places – and I just don’t want to hit that guy with too much stale bread.

BETZ: (Laughter) Okay, I think it’s just about processing identity and concerns, which is a trippy f * cking thing.

I think for me, throughout the season, Van has been trying to take on different characters, different versions of himself, somewhat characterized by kleptomania and being in and out of what the original gang is doing, because I think he has a bit of motherhood and ownership. Fighting and who he is and who he wants to be.

End date: Of course, Sean’s finale with Adrian Rye’s Candice reveals the crippling weakness that Van is trying to mask this European set season.

BETZ: Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Earn aint for me either. So, he has a little more room for breakdown, which not everyone has. So, I think he … To me, this Paris episode is the ultimate consequence of all that and really falls into a character that he thinks will allow him to run away from his life, but you understand everything.

End date: Where does it leave him, and you, going to the end of this year?

BETZ: Some things have been resolved with the feeling that we wanted to end this season or end that episode, but not necessarily. I think in Season 4, there is a continuum of identity search. It’s a lifelong journey that I think, and it takes a bit of another context

End date: How do you mean?

BETZ: The final season is really about repatriation and what it means. I must also say that I have never really been in any character since I was so attached to Van. I think it’s partly because the show is exactly what it means in my life.

End date: Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

BETZ: This show has changed my life, for sure.

I have connections in terms of my career and with cast partners and producers. I think for all of us, it has become the kind of sacred event that has transformed us all together at the same time. So, I have that friendship with Van, and Van will always hold that place, in some way, in a way that changed my life profile of my first real character baby.

But even then, as we all grew up, and we got to know each other better, I think Van was written specifically for me – which is great about TV. So, you know, he’s dealing with a lot of anxiety that I can really recognize, and maybe because I’ve seen him more than once, I feel like I want to take care of him, I almost feel like he’s my child.

You know, it never came to an end. Season 4 is still showing. So, I still feel like this story is not completely over for me yet maybe until the final episode comes out. But yes, I feel connected to him. I do.

End date: There is a lot of pain and fear about who he is in “Tarare”, which has been pushed towards internal and external horrors …

BETZ: Yes, and the escapism around it, even the notion of French Romanticism and all these movies, all these stories, which he was romantic and was able to see, in some way, his experience through a foreign lens. By taking a step, he was probably able to feel all things with less pain.

I know Donald, who directed it, was watching a lot of old French New Wave movies. It was the power of his management and the ideas and inspiration that he was looking for in this episode.

End date: It’s very French and our perception of Paris, real or not, including HLM and dinner party cannibal visits, which has played out on many levels.

BETZ: The title of the episode is “Stars”, which if you google it, this amazing man who survived, I don’t know, maybe in the 19th century, in the 18th century, he had an insatiable appetite. He must have had some kind of illness, and in the end, he almost became like an actor. For example, he ate inedible things. Rumor has it that he ate whole kids and ate metal.

In some ways I think, again, it goes back to the van. Greedy to eat all these different things to mask the pain or try to be something else or someone else.

End date: Revealing Trauma has long been a staple of Atlanta, and with Arn, Paper Boy, and in different dimensions, this season of Darius’ success, this episode, especially last week’s “Rich Weiga, Poor Weiga,” seems to be an equal deepening of the idea of ​​passing. Testing, and a complete identity change as well as a psychological change What are all the features of a mother’s delayed postpartum depression?

BETZ: I like that you put it in general terms. I also think that, when it comes to postpartum depression or the question of paternity, in some ways, of course, you are the same person, but you accept a new identity without some identity, and that is a lot.

I think the reason I like the movie Lost daughter, I think it has reached out to fatherhood – in this case motherhood in particular – in a way that presents the whole experience. I don’t think the film judges it or the idea of ​​what a good parent is and how parents are first people and we forget it. There’s this quote I once heard, which I thought was really silent, which said “When you’re a mom, you don’t have pictures anymore. You become framed.”

End date: So relevant here.

BETZ: Yes, because it frees one from personality.

Obviously, much of your life will revolve around your child, but in the end, we will be just individuals and always individuals. So, I think of something like postpartum depression – and I hope it will be published in episodes – that yes, there are concerns around this experience; Fear and wanting to get rid of something you can’t separate.

But there is a lot of love and those two things can be in the same place. Van Lootie loves it. I think she loves being a mother too and I think she is a good mother. But I also think he’s fighting it. I think every parent does, and let that duality live … I don’t think people really talk enough.

Now, I’m saying this as a person who is not a parent, I know some parents have an experience, when they have children, initially, they do not feel a bond or they express resentment towards the child. They are angry at the child. They dislike the baby and think, what have I done? And it can take time to really form a real bond. It can take months, and that’s fine, but you have to have space to publish it without judging others.

End date: You mentioned earlier about the show’s experience, evolution, and intimacy. So, in the meantime, what were these last two seasons like, which were shot in one run, for you and it’s over?

BETZ: What’s nice is that we all knew when we were shooting Season 3 and Season 4, that these two are going to be the last season. So, we really think we were able to enjoy the experience, to enjoy the characters, and to enjoy each other, the people, and to get real close because of it.

By the time we finished shooting Season 4, and the many crew – most of the crew had been on the show for four seasons – each person, as they rolled up, each was able to give their little thoughts and their speeches. Everyone was crying. It was almost like a graduation ceremony.

Deadline: Atlanta Debuted in September 2016, which in many ways feels like another lifetime. How did the series and the experience itself change, especially after coming out of the epidemic and ending production?

BETZ: Well, in terms of just humans as individuals, humans have had children. At this time people have suffered a lot. We’ve all grown up little by little, especially since there are so many places in each season. It’s a little weird to think, you know, it’s only been four seasons, but I booked the pilot seven years ago.

I have to say, it’s an honor to be on the show and I love making it. It’s usually just a warm set, fun, easy people. That’s my big deal. Just, like, simple, beautiful people. Like, I want to be on that set because it’s fun.

End date: “Tarare” had a lot of fun, boundless fun feeling, but it seemed like something unexpected at the end of the season and an unexpected favorite season?

BETZ: Oh, it makes me happy that you said that.

You know, and really, even if people, don’t resonate with it or are crazy that it’s not the whole gang as the final episode and it’s just Van, I think the ability to create that episode, together with Donald, is really a deep process. Was – because I don’t think of myself as a comedian.

Being the Slapstick-Y type and being in this really funny place which is usually a tragedy in the true clown format. I think it was really free for me. Being able to play with accents that it was really fun for me.

End date: Yes.

BETZ: (Laughs) Hey! Also, I have the significance of life in Paris. I stayed there for a year. I think much of my life before and after Paris. I speak French fluently and I have a connection to that place. So, just being in that place, a lot of nostalgia, memories, my own kind of bond with it,

In fact, the final thing with Candace is, this is exactly the place I proposed in my own life. I just feel like there are a lot of things that are happening with that episode, for example, intersections. There were some sensitive moments that I think only Muse could offer and it doesn’t always happen. For some of the moments where you’ve worked year after year, where you are in the flow, connected to the universe, you know? So, yes, I feel very at peace, which is nice because I don’t often feel that way around my work.

End date: What do you think when it comes to work? Atlanta End up as a conscious choice, which is rare on TV?

BETZ: It’s a cool thing to finish. I think it’s the right thing to do, you know? I think the TV dragged on for too long, it’s always sad to me. It just dies.

I mean, Season 4 or whatever, people know what people are thinking, but I think, at least in the opinion of the creators, they finished it with strength and moved on. I think it’s right, and I think it’s healthy. So, I’m feeling good about it, and now I’m excited to see how people react to this season’s finals.

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